Sun, dust, dry air from air conditioners, temperature drops, exposure to office equipment, intense lifestyle, unbalanced nutrition – all this attacks our skin from all sides.

That is why and right now we are offering you an effective program “Pearl Plume” to moisturize your skin.

This program will update, rejuvenate the skin, increase the ability of the stratum corneum to store and retain moisture, minimizes water loss due to external influences.

The unique combination of natural oils that make up the components for wrapping will make the skin soft, toned and silky, strengthen the skin’s natural protection, charge the skin with minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, creating a kind of skin shield that protects it from the environment and premature aging.

In combination with massage, the effect of wrappings increases several times, it contributes to a better penetration of active substances into the subcutaneous fat and thus gives elasticity and firmness of the skin, smoothes the “orange peel”.