About us

In 2006, we opened the doors of the massage salon “Happy-Buddha”.

For the past 12 years, our professional masseurs provide high-quality services that really help to cope with various problems of the body.

Everyone can and should take advantage of massage therapy.

Indeed, many studies have repeatedly proven that regular massage will help:

  • Relieve stress, tension and pain
  • Effectively relax
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Raise vitality
  • Help save you from feeling tired and depressed
  • Stimulate a feeling of well-being and harmony
  • Carisoprodol kaufen to treat muscle pain and discomfort
  • Regain the brightness of life and well-being

All the specialists of Doctor Massage received special training on the author’s method of metabolic massage.

Our equipment is distinguished by a very careful study of each muscle, each joint.


It is easy to keep the shape of an oval face over the years if you devote a few minutes to it from time to…

Massage with a simulating effect. By result in anti-cellulite massage, we mean the restoration of health throughout the body, in all systems. Our anti-cellulite program…

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Other services

Body mesotherapy

The drugs are administered in small doses to reduce the load on the body, and the depth of injection can vary from tenths to six millimeters. A mesopreparation is injected into certain anatomical areas, or the entire problem zone is pierced, and the preparation is also being administered to individual points. For the procedure of […]


Stimulates the mechanism of splitting triglycerides, which in combination with the drainage effect, contributes to the formation of the figure. Allows you to achieve maximum results in the period of recovery after childbirth. Optimally combined with devices. Active ingredients: Algae extract – increased blood circulation, excretion of toxins and toxins Ivy extract – blocks lipid […]

SPA – wrapping

Sun, dust, dry air from air conditioners, temperature drops, exposure to office equipment, intense lifestyle, unbalanced nutrition – all this attacks our skin from all sides. That is why and right now we are offering you an effective program “Pearl Plume” to moisturize your skin. This program will update, rejuvenate the skin, increase the ability […]